11 Incredibly Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts (Midwife Recommended!)

11 Incredibly Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts (Midwife Recommended!)
Written by a Qualified Midwife

​​Picking the perfect baby shower gift can be tough. If you’re wanting to gift your friend something thoughtful and unique you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ve put together a list of 11 thoughtful baby shower gift ideas, vetted by me- a midwife and friend to many new Mummas who are navigating the first few months of parenthood. 

If you're thinking of something a little more practical than thoughtful, you might like my guide to practical baby shower gifts here.

11 Incredibly Thoughtful Baby Shower Gifts

1. Letters To My Baby

This is my favourite! 'Letters To My Baby' is a book filled with 12 letter pages and envelopes in which expectant parents can write letters to their unborn babies. Writing letters to your unborn baby or newborn can help with bonding and can be a fun nostalgic activity as these can be shared with the child when they are older.

Inside some of the letters my friends have written- they describe what their pregnancy was like, how they shared their pregnancy news and their hopes and dreams for their child. 

2. The Book of You—A record of childhood

This book is a fill-in-as-they-grow book with prompts that help parents keep a fun and comprehensive commentary of their child’s early years and up to 16 years old.

This is a slight twist on the regular baby memory book, which is also a lovely gift idea but often parents will buy their own copy of this. ‘The Book of You’ can be filled with memories, photos and mementoes by the parents, family members and the child themselves. It is also a lovely gift to give the child when they are grown or have children of their own. 

3. Hand and Footprint Clay Kit

In the last maternity hospital I worked in, as midwives, we would take ink prints of the baby’s feet at the initial baby check after birth. This always felt super fun and the parents loved them. For this reason, I think something more permanent (clay prints) that could be hung up in a nursery would be a very special gift.

4. A Newborn Photography Session

Having newborn moments captured on film is a gift that parents will be able to cherish forever. Newborns can look different each day as they grow and to have professional photos of this stage will forever be a reminder of just how cute and small their baby was. 


5. Prenatal Massage

Personally, I think pregnant Mummas deserve regular massages throughout their pregnancy. Whilst this is unlikely, a glorious pregnancy massage at least once would be such a treat. These can be amazing for reducing anxiety and stress.

They can improve mood, ease insomnia and help with back and leg pain. Whilst there are many services around the UK that will go to a home address to massage your friend there are also many spas that offer pregnancy massage.

‘Urban’ is an online treatment service that offers ‘A deeply soothing treatment for tired mums-to-be, suitable from the second trimester.’ A couple I looked after during labour and delivery actually gifted me with an Urban gift card and the service was excellent. 

6. Jar of Compliments

My boyfriend actually thought of this one and I think it’s the sweetest idea. It is simply a jar that you fill with personalised compliments and motivational messages for your friend to pick out when she feels she needs some extra love.

I do think Mummas can never be reminded enough of how amazing they are and a compliment jar does just this. 

7. Mama Necklace

Meghan Markle wore one of these after she gave birth to her first baby in 2019. This is a super cute and thoughtful gift that is certain to make a new mum feel special and a little boujee.

Of course, Meghan’s necklace was expensive, but similar ones can be purchased for a more reasonable price and alternatively, you could buy a necklace with the baby’s initial/birthstone on, if known. 

After doing some research on jewellery for new mums, I came across the harmony ball necklace. It's a symbol of protection and makes a tinkling sound that when heard by the baby during the pregnancy can continue to have a calming effect on the newborn

8. Pyjamas/Robes

We all know there is something so luxurious about putting on a new PJ set. It can really make such a difference in how we feel.  

Imagine sinking into a buttery pyjama dress post-birth after wearing a hospital gown for hours. GORGEOUS.

This may not be something a newly postpartum mum thinks about investing in so would make such a thoughtful gift. You’ll want to purchase items that will be soft against the skin and with easy access for feeding/midwife checks or for easy bathroom trips.

*Shirt and short sets whilst being very cute may not be very practical*

I recommend a night dress for hospital attire simply for ease. Some really lovely ones can be bought from ASOS and JoJo Maman Bebe

A robe is also a great idea for covering the hospital gown when wandering the hospital corridors or covering up quickly if needed. 

9. Mum-to-Be Candles

There are so many beautiful candles that are crafted for mums-to-be or new mums.

These are some of my favourite candles. Most of these candles are soy based which means they are safe for use in pregnancy. To note: beeswax candles are also safe for use in pregnancy.

This website has some great hypnobirthing/affirmation-themed candles and some that you can personalise with the baby’s name and expected due year. Personalising a gift like this can make it feel that much more thoughtful.

Scent is so closely linked to memory and it would be so lovely to have a scent linked to the pregnancy/wonderful newborn bubble. 

10. Essential Oils

The use of certain essential oils are safe to use in the second trimester of pregnancy and thereafter. Essential oils have numerous health benefits including relaxation and anxiety reduction. Many women start using essential oils in their final trimester whilst practising hypnobirthing/breathing techniques and then in labour which helps to create an association to a time when she felt calm, comfortable and in control. The use of essential oils makes for a calming birthing environment. It is important to only use essential oils that are safe during pregnancy. The list below is not extensive but covers some of the most common pregnancy oils:

  • Lavender
  • Rose
  • Lemon (extra good at reducing nausea and sickness)
  • Camomile
  • Geranium
  • Eucalyptus (works as pain relief for some women in labour)

11. A Gift for Siblings

Siblings can sometimes take the news of a pregnancy pretty hard. It is nice, when possible to acknowledge the existing children with a gift. Even if it is small, the thought can help them feel involved, important and that they have not been forgotten.