10 Unusual Baby Shower Gifts (Midwife Recommended!)

10 Unusual Baby Shower Gifts (Midwife Recommended!)
Written by a Qualified Midwife

With parents normally being pretty prepared when it comes to baby supplies, it can be fun to go shopping for something a little unusual and different for the parents-to-be. 

Below I have a carefully curated list of ten unusual baby shower gifts.

Due to the nature of these gifts, they may not be for everyone and if you're looking for something a little more practical or thoughtful, I have a guide on these too.

10 Unusual Baby Shower Gifts (Midwife Recommended!)

1. Pram Gloves

Pram gloves are a no-brainer for mums over the winter months. The UK can get very chilly in winter and pushing a pram outside can mean numb and sore hands. But with this funky new contraption- no hands will be left to suffer.

The hUDOMA Chelsea Black Pram Gloves are amazing! They were voted the best all round pram gloves of 2023 by the Indepedent newspaper. They are easily snapped onto the pram handle to keep hands warm, cozy and dry when out for a winters day walk. They look boujee too.

These pram gloves stay attached to the pram handle so that hands can be pulled out if the baby needs assistance or to pick up something that has inevitably dropped out of the pram. A bonus feature of these gloves is that they are much harder to lose than regular gloves.. Which is one less thing to worry about. 

These huDOMA gloves are more on the expensive side and if you're on a budget, JOJO Maman Bebe have a great pair for just £9.00.

2. Lactation Massager

These palm sized, vibrating/warming gadgets are great for breastfeeding mummas struggling with clogged milk ducts or who require a little extra stimulation to help with milk flow. 

Clients of mine who have used a lactation massager recommend this LaVie product. It's waterproof, quiet and re-chargable- making it super dynamic and easy to use. These clients reported they would use this as they either weren’t keen on handling their breasts or they physically struggled to use their hands to stimulate their breasts. For example, they had been suffering with carpel tunnel syndrome or hand cramping. 

NOTE: these are not to be used when a woman is struggling with mastitis. In such an instance it would be best for her to contact her healthcare provider for support and treatment. 

3. Adult Activity Books

The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People is a ‘lol a minute’ activity book filled with quizzes, mazes, fill-in-the-blanks, journaling pages, and hysterical musings on what pregnancy can really be like. Your creative friends will love this!

If you think your friend would love the above activity book, chances are she’d like this colouring book too. Colouring is known to be very therapeutic and calming- practical for when that maternity leave boredom hits. You can find this fun set of colouring books for Mums and Dads on amazon.

4.  Door Silencer

This is a really simple yet thoughtful gift that i’d never have thought of it it wasn't for my friends. They say these are KEY to keeping their babies settled. There is no doubt this contraption will prevent noisy doors from slamming and helping parents keep their baby asleep. Door silencers block the latch, which means parents will avoid accidentally locking the baby in or themselves out of the nursery!

5. Write-on Baby Vest

For me, this is very reminiscent of my last day at primary school where all of the students would wear a plain shirt to school and have their class mates leave a message of good luck and well wishes- something I then kept in a memory box. Now unborn babies can do the same!

A ‘Write-on Baby Vest’ is not only a fun gift but something the baby shower guests can get involved with. The baby may wear this just once, or never- but it is a lovely memory of the occasion and all the love the baby already had surrounding them. 

6. Easy Change Zip Sheets

It could be a little odd to gift your friends plain cot sheets, BUT, these are not your average cot sheet. These Quick Zip sheets have a top layer that zips off the mattress base for easy changing. This means less fussing with the mattress and bumper ribbons. These sheets are also safer than your average cot sheet as there is no risk of the sheet popping off the corner and covering the baby.

7. Baby Nail Care Set 

Baby’s can often be born with long and scratchy nails and as midwives, we recommend that it is best to stay away from nail scissors and clippers. 

Nail files are the safest alternative and the Haaka nail file comes highly recommended. It has 4 different trimming pads for baby’s of different ages, is quiet and has a guide light for night time filing. This nail kit also comes with a pad for adult use, ensuring your friend has a little pampering too. 

8.  Funny Baby Milestone Cards 

Don’t get me wrong, you can get some wonderfully cute milestone cards- but gifting a set of comedy cards to your joker friends is an unusual but fun gift. I have searched the internet and have found some tame but funny cards and some wildly funny and kinda rude ones. 

9. Jar of Compliments 

My boyfriend actually thought of this one and I think it’s the sweetest idea. It is simply a jar that you fill with personalised compliments and motivational messages for your friend to pick out when she feels she needs some extra love. I do think Mummas can never be reminded enough of how amazing they are and a compliment jar does just this. 

10.  Weighted Blanket for the parents to be 

Gifting a pregnant friend with a weighted blanket would be something i’d otherwise not think of doing. However, after doing my research, this would be a wonderful baby shower gift! Not only do these help with reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality, a weighted blanket can relieve the discomfort that comes with pregnancy and restless leg syndrome. It also aids in side sleeping, which is the safest way to sleep during pregnancy. Weighted blankets are also quite a luxury gift item your friends will love!